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Ambika Nagino

泙野 安美加 | अंबिका नागीनो

Pen name A. A. Vora

(she / her)

Writer | reader | high fantasy fangirl

About me


I'm an Indian-Japanese* author living in Tokyo with my husband Shotaro, our newborn, and our fiery-spirited dog Fëanor. 

After two decades of immersing myself in various fictional worlds (some favorites being displayed on my bookshelf) I decided it was time I attempted creating one of my own.

Outside writing, I work for a pharmaceutical company, with a focus on digitalization of Japanese healthcare.

*By this I mean indokei nihonjin (インド系日本人) which is a phrase used to describe Japanese nationals of Indian ethnicity; I was actually born in Mumbai and lived there a third of my life; as well as spending several years in US and UK.

About me

About my book


SPIN OF FATE is a 3-POV YA high fantasy,  and the first installment of THE FIFTH REALM trilogy. It is my debut novel.

It features an original mythology, unique magical beasts, epic battles, a hard magic system that draws loosely from Indian philosophy... and lots of moral ambiguity.

More detailed marketing can be found on my blog for those interested.

You can pre-order SPIN OF FATE hardcopies here and audiobook here.

Or through this limited time 50% off campaign.

Jacket art by Sidharth Chaturvedi. Design by Jessica Jenkins and Tony Sahara. Audiobook narrated by Simon Vance.

About my book
Stay in touch

Stay in touch

To stay up to date with my publishing journey, follow my instagram @a2vora.

For business inquiries, please contact my agent Jonathan Cobb at HG Literary.

For publicity, please contact my publicist Olivia Russo at Penguin Random House.

For anything else, feel free to reach out using the form below.

Thanks for submitting, I'll be in touch as soon as I can.

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