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An attempt to market my book

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

I'm fairly certain I'd do an abysmal job marketing my book, which is why I'm blessed to have the wonderful folks at Penguin do most of it for me. Below is a screenshot of the deal announcement they submitted to Publisher's Weekly, which can also be found here. The background artwork is by me, made on Procreate using Nathan Brown's watercolor brush set.

I'm also including a few details that weren't a part of the deal announcement:

  • A chunk of the world-building and plot revolves around an omnipotent hard magic system that is loosely inspired by Indian philosophy (more on that here).

  • Book 1 follows 3 POV characters with converging storylines, narrated in 3rd person past tense.

  • The series features several species of original magical creatures, some of which can be seen in the above artwork.

  • In terms of relationships, enemies-to-friends, rivalries, and found families feature strongly in book 1. As for romance... well, outside some subtext, there's not much of it in book 1.

  • There's plenty of moral ambiguity all around - from the characters and their motives, to the magic system itself. (If you enjoyed the anime Psycho-Pass, you might find the ethical debate around the magic system interesting).

  • Popular tropes that fit the plot include a secret organization, a bit of a training arc, frenemies... and others which I may update as I think of them!

  • I should also add that the Indian inspiration gets much stronger with book 2, which features locations and new main characters not fully explored / introduced in book 1.

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